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8946024_sSome stories we place in a box maybe with clever notes on the side tempting us to open them – someday in the future, when we are brave.

We tape them up and bury them in closets.  Too difficult to face. Too dark a theme.  No one wants to see them anyway. But what if we risked opening those boxes up?  What if we hung their frayed pages on ribbons and set them on trees to billow in the breezes like prayer flags?  What if we let go of the stories that haunt us?  What would emerge if they could come out into light? What could we learn about ourselves?  What could we learn about each other?  What could the stories teach us?

It is with this wondering and wistful spirit that I let myself (and you, dear trusted Reader) peer into the box and travel where the stories lead

Welcome to  The Dancing Bear Story Project.

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