I have embarked on a journey this month.  Will you join me, Dear Reader? It is just the beginning – Day 2 of Quest 2016 a beautiful gift, freely given, from Jeffrey Davis whom is a business artist and coach I’ve been privileged to know and work with since 2012.

Jeffrey has gathered 12 visionaries, to pose 12 questions, to help shape the next 12 months . . . pretty simple, yet pretty powerful stuff.

Theme:  Get Clear with Yourself
Visionary: Susan Piver

Prompt: “What I most need to tell myself about 2016 is…”

My response was a letter to myself:

Dear Colleen –

2016 will happen and unfold with you or without you.  

Oh how I know it sparkles and promises times of great and wild adventure!

A January business trip to Poland with a new team, Katie’s “sweet sixteen”in April, Ben’s graduation from high school, biking with the whole family in Ireland over the summer, Ben’s transition to college – a million moments of promised joy scattered across its swath of months with a zillion more moments of ordinary beauty  catching your eye.

But stop. Listen. (a wink to Mary Oliver’s poem West Wind 2)

Be here now.
Be present now.
Slow down now.

2016 will happen in its own time.  And you of all people know this: there are no guarantees, my sweet & beautiful self.  Remember that, when you are scurrying fast, competing to get things done, worrying about how far ahead others are, or feeling lost.

Be still in each day.
Be present to what is right there in front of you.
But my dear, please do set a brilliant course!


Susan Piver is a New York Times bestselling author, an exceptionally skillful meditation teacher, and renowned speaker. She has penned eight books, including How Not To Be Afraid of Your Own Life (St. Martin’s Griffin 2007). She has been a student of Buddhism since 1995, graduated from a Buddhist seminary in 2004, and was authorized to teach meditation in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage in 2005. Susan’s mission is to teach everyone how to slow down, soften our hearts, sharpen our minds, and create a life of fearlessness and authenticity. – See more at:


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