Simple mercy

Sometimes you love so deeply, and trust so deeply, and believe so deeply that you cannot see what lies ahead,  so overwhelmed with the beauty that is a love story’s beginning, and that is a good thing, a simple mercy.

picking up petals

One Sentence/One Beautiful Life
with gratitude to the Satisfaction Finder by Jen Louden

2 thoughts on “Simple mercy

  1. Colleen: This makes me think of the picture of my husband and I on our wedding day… We had a decidedly non-traditional wedding and greeted our guests together as they came to the church. There is one particular candid photo where we are both looking out together with these great smiles at whomever it is that is approaching, so full of joy. And I’ve often thought: I’m so glad that on that day we had no idea that 6 months later our marriage would be tested when my husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Or 11 years after that when our daughter would go through her own cancer journey. Or the countless other moments when LIFE would happen and we would have to choose to meet it head on. It IS a simple mercy that on that day, none of that was manifest yet and we could be enveloped in that gorgeous moment. LOVE your writing and you can say so much more in one sentence than I can in seven! :O)

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  2. Barb – it means so much to me that you read the words I toss out there into the universe, like confetti. I also love how open and vulnerable and brave you are in your writing. I hope that, at some point, our paths may cross so I get to give you a big hug and laugh with you.

    What a beautiful image you painted for me (and others) to read today, that precious moment of beginning . . . much love to you, and thank you for being there.


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