Showing up

It is morning and from the chair of my hotel room, I am watching seagulls and planes taking flight in regular intervals.

Boston Harbor is donning a pretty cape of grey sequins and the sun is bright in my eyes, as I type.

Yes, there was a 7 am work call and yes there is a document due at noon (nearing completion, but not yet done).   Yes I still need to shower and dress and figure out just where the Boston office is so I can walk there for a 1/2 day meeting and then catch a flight back home tonight to Chicago.

Yet, I am here.  I am choosing to show up at the page.  And you know what?  It was an easy choice.

Someone wise once told me that if you have a dream, do just one thing everyday to touch that dream. Even if it is the smallest thing.

Today, I sipped coffee and watched Boston Harbor awake.  Like a bird, I viewed from above its cement-grey zig-zag of roads, its thin slips of just-greening trees, its water taxis trailing shining ribbons of sea in their wakes, and planes, full of people, lifting up and up and up through sky and cloud then up beyond my view . . .

There is beauty here,and I showed up to witness it.
And by sharing it with you, I was able to touch my dream in the smallest way.

May you find beauty today in the view from your window.  And may you show up for what (and who) matters.

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